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I am an expert graphic designer focused in Ux & Ui design, branding, motion graphics and 3D with hundreds of projects made real in my backpack. I was born on August 1st 1987, I'm also an archaeologist, a cooking lover and a drummer.

Latest projects

BTO11 - The smart edition

The BTO is one of the most important events for tourism, in Italy and in the world. Presenting tools, case studies and good practices, it has been helping operators and territories to extricate themselves in the world of online tourism for years, enhancing their resources and establishing new forms of communication with tourists and travellers. This is what I did for their eleventh event in Firenze.

Project A.U.S.A.

The A.U.T. 18 was a prototype fighter plane produced in my hometown, Foligno, in 1939. Bringing it to life once again was one of the most interesting and compelling projects I've ever made.

Luisa Catucci Gallery

Creating a website for an art gallery in a city in constant evolution like Berlin was a challenge. Bringing out the artists' beautiful works that the gallery hosts through a minimal user interface was a pleasure.

Cartoon on the Bay - Hall of Fame

Bruno Bozzetto and his animation characters were well known to my parents when they were children and I also fondly remember his ``Signor Rossi``. Creating the first hall of fame room dedicated to the best Italian designers and cartoonists was a beautiful and amusing task to realize.