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I started this adventure in the design world many years ago and since then I still can't stop. I try in every way to find the beauty in things, a functionality to everything and a simplification in complicated issues. Design is this: designing is solving problems and making things easy.
During all these years I have been working on hundreds of projects and coloured billions of pixels. I created and shaped the image of companies, animated hundreds of objects and given colour and identity to an unspecified number of websites and apps but even more important, through this work I had the honour of arousing an emotion in the eyes of those who looked at my work. In the meanwhile I was lucky enough to have a career also as a musician and a degree in archeology.
Life is often just strange, isn't it?

From the beginning

Introduced to the world of graphic design.

I started to study graphic design, softwares and principles.



High school graduation in languages.



Owner of my own brand – Filippo Marsili Graphic Design.



University degree in archaeology.



Information technology teacher in vocational training centres.



Freelance graphic designer in Oxjno S.n.c.

Creative team, Ui/Ux design for web and mobile, mobile apps and social apps. Branding and social media consultant.


2013 to the present day

Art director at Global Communication

Digital arts, print and advertising supervisor.



Graphic design consultant at Egina.

Graphic designer consultant and supervisor for European Programmes across the European Union.



Freelance graphic designer at Okami Agency.

Creative team. Graphic design, Ui/Ux design for web and mobile, mobile apps, social apps and brand designer.


2016 to the present day

Senior graphic designer at Pomodoro Digital Storytelling.

Graphic design, Ui/Ux design, visuals and branding. Cooperation with the video making team and client’s marketing consultant.




As regards my technical skills, I daily work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Xd, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Cinema 4D (I am also studying Blender for a future change of software). I work on platforms like InVision Studio and Lunacy and I am familiar with Crazyegg and Zeplin.
I studied languages in high school. I speak fluent English, I speak and understand French; in the meanwhile I am also revising German.
In my work I have also accumulated a series of soft skills such as communication, time management, problem solving, planning and organization, collaboration, research and the most important of all: accepting critics.

Languages spoken:







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